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May 1, 2018

Chelsea's tips and tricks


Edited: May 1, 2018

Tip one: After you nurse baby, lay them flat in your hands and jiggle their bum, to help settle the food, and bring up air bubbles. Then, sit them up or lay them on your chest, to burp them. It should get a burp out a little easier, and help prevent them from spitting up.


Tip two: When side lying to feed, roll up a little wash cloth and prop it under baby's face to keep baby's face in line with the nipple, and also to soak up milk.


Tip three: Newborns sleep A LOT during the first three months (fourth trimester)....except at night, am I right?! So if your baby sleeps all day, only waking to nurse or look around for a few minutes before dozing off again, don't be worried, this is normal.


Tip four: Swaddle...or baby wear. It will save your sanity. Babies often don't like being swaddled at first, but if you can "force" it on them, they will start to accept it and then it's a total game changer. Just make sure that when you swaddle, you leave the pelvis (hip) area loose. Baby's legs naturally bow out to the sides, and you don't want to prevent this from happening.

As far as baby wearing goes, it's best to take a class on how to do it properly, because there are many variants that can make it unsafe for baby.

Photo by Loni Bourne Photography