Chelsea Bootsman

Birth Doula, Birth Photographer,

Family Photographer, Videographer



Serving Red Deer and Central Alberta

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©2019 Chelsea Bootsman Doula.Photo.Film

Thank you for choosing me to be your doula!

I am very honoured that you will have me support and assist you in one of life's most memorable experiences!


Feel free to stay in contact with me for the duration of yourpregnancy, either by text, phone calls, or email, with any questions, concerns, or just to chat!

        In compliance with Stillbirthday and DONA International it is out of my scope to provide you with medical advice of any kind, during the pregnancy or delivery of your baby. I will be present to help you with a side of pregnancy and labour that is very important and often ignored, which is full emotional and physical support. Whether your labour and delivery go as planned or not, my job is to stay by your side and support whatever choices are made, while helping you voice your wishes, and bridge communication between client and care providers. I will also help you feel in control of your delivery, with the decisions that need to be made and any interventions that may be required.


       If anything unusual happens during your pregnancy, I ask that you first contact your medical provider, or seek medical help. I will not share medical advice that concerns your health, but I urge you to research everything and ask your health care provider questions before making any decisions, then we can revisit your birth plan and adjust accordingly.


       I will be on call for you the two weeks before your estimated due date, until your baby arrives, but if for some reason I can not attend the delivery, I will have a trusted backup doula take my place.

       Please call me if you are close to your due date and feel that you may be in labour (no matter what time it is), I can help you determine whether it's real or prodromal (false) labour. If you have concluded that you are in fact in labour, I can come at anytime you wish (but please don't wait too long!), whether it be meeting you in your home or at the hospital. If contractions are too great for you to communicate, please have your partner call me, notifying me to come.

I look forward to working with you!